Algae Control

Algae Maintenance

Algae is a part of nature, expect to have some and that's OK. The idea is to keep a fine balance.

There are many factors that may contribute to algae growth in your water feature, as well as no good reason at all.  The number one algae factor is sunlight, which we can not control.  Additionally, rain water run off, natural pollen and molds, lawn and garden treatments, excess fish food and fish waste, and debris in the water can all have an effect on the water quality.  We have broken down some of the water maintenance products for your water feature to keep it looking healthy and attractive. We sell each of the products described in the Shop section of our website.   

Use these Purely Ponds & Waterfalls water treatment products in your water feature:


Activated by sunlight, our strongest beneficial bacteria strains help to keep your pond looking pristine in warm weather.  Apply weekly.

Super Strength Photo Reactive Bacteria

Used in conjunction with beneficial bacteria, it can give optimal water clarity.  Apply weekly.

Clarifying Mineral Supplement
Cold Temp Liquid Hydro Topia  oz

Suited for cold water pond applications. Beneficial pro-biotic bacteria contains beneficial pro-biotic microbes that reduce sludge, fish waste, and other excess nutrients

Cold Temp Hydro-Topia Liquid Bacteria

Natural plant based debris reducer works as a consistent pond helper to stabilize micro-nutrients and safely reduce debris from rocks, waterfalls and streams.  Use weekly.

Use to knock-back and break down debris in ponds, streams and waterfalls every other day until desired results are achieved.

Helps remove dissolved organics out of the water, AKA ‘Tannins’ or ‘tea-color”. Removes harmful substances like free radicals, pesticides and heavy metals.

Active Carbon

Removes foam from the water. Fish safe.


Neutralizes chlorine and chloramines for fish in pond water.

Liquid Dechlorinator