Spring Cleanouts

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As spring nears and your water feature emerges from winter weather, it is possible that your water feature may need a spring cleaning.  Depending in various conditions, over time you may notice a build-up of debris on the bottom.  Leaves, pine needles, and other debris may bock the pump, prohibiting maximum performance and water flow.  Minimal levels of contamination may break down over time, however, larger deposits may need to be physically cleaned out. Purely Ponds & Waterfalls offers a Cleanout service to prepare your water feature for a new season of supreme operation and pleasurable viewing.

Our Premium Spring Cleanout Package includes:

  • Check for low edge leaks and perform minor repairs
  • Trim and tend plantings
  • Drain pond or pondless basin and remove large debris
  • Clean pump, skimmer, Biofalls, and all filter pads
  • Power wash rocks and  rinse down the entire feature
  • Start refilling with new water
  • Check light bulbs and lighting position
  • Offer seasonal care recommendations

Self Cleanout

If you chose not to have a professional spring cleanout performed by Purely Ponds & Waterfalls, we highly recommend you do a simple self-cleanout to your water feature. Follow these steps:

  • Unplug and remove the pump, clean filter screen, and remove debris.
  • Disassemble rockwork atop the Biofilter.
  • Remove all filter media and rinse very thoroughly.
  • Remove the skimmer pre-filter pad and rinse very thoroughly.
  • Siphon or pump out approximately 25% of the water into your landscape.
  • Thoroughly net as much debris as possible out off of your pond bottom and/or streambed.
  • Trim back any dead or decaying plant material.
  • Refill the water feature. If you have fish in your pond, use de-chlorinator
  • Replace biofalls filter pad and skimmer filter pad in ponds every 3 years