ECO-VESCENCE – 2 lbs (String Algae Knock Back)


  • Natural oxygen-based pond
  • Debris remover
  • Pond debris knock back
  • For ornamental ponds
  • Breaks down debris that occurs on rocks and submerged surfaces and helps keep your pond pristine in all-seasons
  • Great for problem ponds
  • Helps eliminate annual pond cleanouts
  • Quick results
  • Safe for fish and plants
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Purely Ponds Eco-Vescence Natural Oxygen Based Pond Debris Remover works as your strongest line of defense to quickly and safely remove debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams and anywhere else build-up has occurred. If used regularly you could help eliminate the need for annual pond cleanouts. These fish-safe dissolvable granules finally bring the natural cleaning power of oxygen to the pond world! Also restores a natural electrolyte balance to the pond with a slight buffering effect to prevent dangerous pH swings. Contains no harmful detergents, surfactants or chemicals. One 32 oz. bottle treats 320 sq. ft.

APPLICATION RATES DIRECTIONS: 6 teaspoons per 10 sq. ft. or 1 1/3 cup per 100 sq. ft. Sprinkle a thin layer of product directly into pond, streams, waterfalls or any other problem area. After first treatment apply as needed to keep surface areas clean, allowing 48 hours between treatments. This product works only with direct contact.

For optimal results ensure pond is equipped with a mechanical skimmer device or remove excess debris with a fine net the day after treatment. For best results in streams and waterfalls, shut off pump during application. Reatreat after 48 hours as needed. Do not apply directly to plant leaves, as product may cause slight discoloration.