PHYSAN 20 – 1 gallon


  • Algaecide – Fungicide
  • For use in ornamental fountains, basalt column features and decorative water displays
  • NOT safe for fish


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PHYSAN 20 is general Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide, and Algaecide effective at controlling algae and odor in fountains and decorative water displays.

PHYSAN 20 is simple to apply and safe around birds, mammals and plants.

WARNING: PHYSAN 20 IS TOXIC TO FISH!  Do not use in the presence of fish.

INITIAL DOSE:  Add 1 teaspoon PHYSAN 20 per 52 gallons of water (1 ounce per 312 gallons of water) to achieve a concentration of 5 parts per million.
WEEKLY DOSE:  Add 1 teaspoon PHYSAN 20 per 104 gallons of water each week to maintain a concentration of 2-3 parts per million.
NOTE:  PHYSAN 20 should only be used in contained water displays that recirculate, not in ponds, estuaries, ,or other bodies of water that could drain into fish bearing waters.


PHYSAN 20 is a general Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide, and Algaecide for hard inanimate non-porous surfaces.  PHYSAN 20 has been designed for horticulture applications in domestic and commercial greenhouses where cross-contamination can occur.


General Control of Plant Pathogens on Inanimate Hard Surfaces:
Pre-clean all surfaces prior to applying disinfection solution for control of plant pathogens on inanimate hard surfaces. Use 1 Tablespoon PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water. Apply this Physan 20 solution to floors, walls, benches, tool, pots and flats with a cloth, mop, mechanical device or immersion so as to thoroughly wet all surfaces. All hard non-porous inanimate surfaces must remain thoroughly wet for 10 minutes for disinfection. Let air dry.  Fresh solution should be prepared daily or when solution becomes visibly dirty.