• For ornamental ponds
  • Concentrated photo-reactive bacteria that stays active in low temperatures
  • Digests organic build-up year round
  • Perfect for dormant fish seasons
  • Safe for fish and plants
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Purely Ponds Super Strength Photo-Reactive Bacteria is a formulation of specially selected photo-reactive bacteria strains that help to clear up sludge and muck to help keep your pond looking pristine in all seasons. Activated by sunlight, Super Strength Photo-Reactive Bacteria continues to digest fish waste during water temperature changes and dormant fish months. Safe for fish and aquatic plants.

For optimal results ensure a pH of 5.7 – 9.5, a water temperature of at least 48 degrees F, and proper circulation via pump and fountain or waterfall.

Application Rates Directions: For ponds under 1,000 gallons, first dose should be 2 oz., with a weekly 1 oz. dosage after the first application. For ponds over 1,000 gallons, first dose should be 4 oz., with a weekly 2 oz. dosage after first application. Apply year round to battle sludge build up and water clarity issues.

Note: Treatment quantity can be doubled if extremely poor water quality exists or pond is not properly filtered.