Waterfall Foam – Expanding Foam Sealant

  • Fish Safe
  • Maximizes flow over waterfall
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for sealing gaps and spaces between rocks
  • Black waterfall foam
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Waterfall Foam – Expanding Foam Sealant


  • This product is extremely flammable during dispensing. Read dangers and cautions carefully.
  • Wear protective glasses or goggles, nitrile gloves and clothing that protects against dermal exposure. Use only in a well ventilated area.
  • Optimal temperature for use is between 65-80 degrees F (18-27 degrees C). Clean grease and oil off surfaces to be foamed. Cover surrounding surfaces.
  • ¬†Shake well. Screw nozzle adapter onto valve stem, being careful not to activate valve.
  • With valve end of can down, slowly press trigger to dispense foam. Test on experimental surface.
  • Fill cavity only 1/3 full with foam to allow for expansion. For cavities greater than 3 inches diameter, moisten substrate before applying.
  • Dries tack-free in approximately 5 minutes, cuttable in 1 hour, cures in 12-24 hours. Do not disturb uncured foam.
  • Uncured foam may be removed with acetone. Cured foam must be removed mechanically. Cured foam exposed to sunlight must be covered with paint or stain.
  • Store upright in dry area. Leave nozzle on can. To reuse, cut 1 inch off nozzle tip.

1/4″ BEAD = 1996 ft.
3/8″ BEAD = 887 ft.
1/2″ BEAD = 499 ft.