Pond and Pondless Waterfall Repair

Purely Ponds & Waterfalls can assist in diagnosing any issues that may prevent your water feature from operating at its best.

Is your water level dropping or do you suspect there may be a leak? We will investigate the most common causes, including low edges, plumbing connections, waterfall diversions, and then move on to investigate deeper.

Did your pump stop working or is it making an unusual sound? We can check pump operation, unclog it, check power, and install a new one when needed.

Did the underwater lighting stop working? We can check power, replace bulbs, replace lighting fixtures and install new LED lighting.

Is your water feature just in need of an overall scan for optimal performance and an informative water feature care consultation? We can do that!

While we will do everything we can to diagnose and repair your water feature, please be aware there is never a guarantee that we can fix the issue.  Leak diagnostics may also require more than one service call.