The backyard pond is an ecosystem. It is a complete ecologically balanced waterscape based on the principles of establishing a working ecosystem within the pond, to keep it clean while reducing maintenance.

The system is comprised of five main components: mechanical and biological filtration, rocks and gravel, plants, fish, and a recirculating system. A polyethylene underlayment is placed beneath a 45 mil, fish-safe, EPDM rubber liner. Granite boulders are placed over most of the liner and gravel is spread between the granite boulders to help lock them into place. Filters, plumbing lines, and the liner are completely covered, leaving everything mechanical hidden from sight above and below the water. Aquatic plants and halogen lighting are installed according to size.

  • Attractive focal point. Moving water encompasses all senses.
  • Aquatic plants are beautiful and low maintenance and also provide a truly unique accent to any water garden.
  • Fish help support the natural ecosystem and reduce pond maintenance. Their color, sparkle, variety and playfulness offer endless fascination, enhancing the naturalness of the setting.