The Spring Fountain Pondless

Spring Fountain Pondless

Spring Fountain Builders Colorado Springs


A spring fountain is basically a modified pondless waterfall without the stream. They are ideal for smaller and or flat areas and locations that may not benefit from building a retaining wall for added elevation in order to create a traditional stream to a pondless basin. Instead, a waterproof basin is constructed according to size. An artistic and strategic arrangement of boulders and rocks is created on top of the actual basin. Water is directed to appear as a spring rising up and cascading over the arrangement of boulders and returning to the basin, to create a spring fountain waterfall effect. A spring fountain is great for circular areas with 360-degree viewing, flat locations, and small spaces, such as circular driveways, entry ways, and near the front door.

Purely Ponds & Waterfalls’ spring fountains offer a low-maintenance option to beautify your yard. A pondless water feature provides a natural ambiance with the sound of a babbling water, but you don’t have to worry about regularly maintaining the flora and fauna that live within the feature.