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While a water feature is always a beautiful addition to any yard, it still requires work to maintain a healthy environment. Cleaning, balancing pH, maintaining bacteria levels, and checking filters and pumps are just a few things that need to be done to make sure your pond or waterfall is a properly functioning ecosystem. Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes offers water feature maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO to make sure your backyard pond or waterfall stays beautiful.
In order to keep your pond, fountain, or waterfall working in its peak condition, regular and seasonal water feature maintenance services are necessary. Ponds and pondless waterfalls each require their own maintenance tasks to ensure proper function and health.
Regular pond and water feature maintenance services include tasks such as cleaning the skimmer, keeping the water level full, and removing the net, and clearing out debris. Use appropriate Photo-Reactive Bacteria to reduce the nutrients required for algae to grow. Use Eco-Buster and Eco-Vescence weekly to break down the cell structure of the algae.
Pondless waterfalls are typically less maintenance than ponds, but you should still perform regular water feature maintenance services to remove debris as needed and keep the water level full. Get rid of algae in your pondless waterfall with Eco-Buster and Eco-Vescence that is offered in our water feature services.
Once spring weather hits the Eastonville, CO area, you can do a simple self-clean of your pond or pondless waterfall. Then call Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes for a professional cleaning service. We can also provide recommendations to ensure that your pond is at its best. We can also help prepare your pond for the winter months. Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes is one of the top water feature maintenance companies serving El Paso County with quality and affordable pond maintenance.

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Take care of your pond and yard waterfall with water feature maintenance services near Cystola, CO with one of the best water feature maintenance companies. If you’re concerned about algae growth, ask Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes about available pond water treatment. In our water feature maintenance services, we include treatments that are meant to properly defoam the water, knock out algae, neutralize chlorine, and more.

Give Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes a call for water feature maintenance near you. You can reach us by calling 719-896-0026. If you have any questions about our water feature maintenance services, you can send us a message using our online contact form or send an email directly to chris@purelyponds.com. We’re your choice water feature maintenance company serving your area. Schedule an appointment for water feature maintenance services in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes can not only perform water feature maintenance services for you but give you tips about what you can do to keep your pond or pondless waterfall running smoothly for years.

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