ECO-BUSTER – 5 lbs (String Algae Maintainer)


  • Natural Pond Debris Reducer
  • Pond debris maintainer
  • For ornamental ponds
  • Reduces debris that occurs during the warmer months and helps keep your pond pristine in all-seasons
  • Great for problem ponds
  • Great for preventative maintenance
  • Safe for fish and plants
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Purely Ponds Eco-Buster natural plant based pond debris reducer works as your consistent pond- helper to stabilize your pond’s micro-nutrients and safely reduce debris from rocks, waterfalls and streams. When used regularly, pristine water quality is easier to maintain… consistently! All natural plant derived ingredients enhance the function of your pond’s natural ecosystem. Contains no harmful detergents, surfactants or other chemicals.

APPLICATION RATES DIRECTIONS: 6 teaspoons per 500 gallons. Mix product into bucket with warm water and pour around perimeter of pond and in stream/waterfall areas to ensure proper dispersion. After first treatment apply as often as once per week to maintain desired affect. If required, weekly treatment quantity can be doubled in problem ponds. Must dissolve in very warm water to activate!

For optimal results ensure pond is equipped with a mechanical skimmer device or remove excess debris with a fine net the day after treatment; ensure pH of 5.7-9.5.